I wish I could cry but the tears don’t come
And I know that I hurt though I am feeling no pain
The smell of the trees, the sound of the world
It’s all a part of a dream, but my senses are numb.
I am in love with the silence, so don’t say a word
It’s easy to know if there is a meaning to life
If the rain is not falling on me, if there is no sun,
If the birds are not singing and the snow is not white.
I walk among the people and I can picture their lives
The smile on their faces makes me sad and alone
I don’t feel the time passing but I now that I am lost
I am so out of place here, now that your face has gone. Its empty, its cold and everyone is home
But the thought of you haunts me and I sit on the beach
I look at waves washing the shore
I love you even more when you are out of reach. . .

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